Rolemaster Office

Rolemaster Office is a character and NPC generator for Rolemaster RMFRP roleplaying system.

The program calculates all bonus and generates a nice PDF character sheet that contains additionally pages.


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Readme (English)


[EN] Half elf, Warlock, Level 3: PC sheet
[DE] Halbelf, Hexer, Level 3: SC Blatt
[EN] High Man, Outrider, Level 5: NPC sheet | PC sheet
[DE] Hochmensch, Haudegen, Level 5: NSC Blatt | SC Blatt


If you are a translater and/or publisher of RMFRP products you are welcome to send me translation files.
I will add the translation to Rolemaster Office.
Contact me directly per e-mail: daniel (-a-t-) golesny (-d-o-t-) de

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